For Pharmacists

Empower Patients While Bettering Your Business

Telehealth services offer many benefits to pharmacists, both in terms of providing better patient care and increasing profits. Here are just a few of the ways in which pharmacists can benefit from promoting telehealth services through iCare+:

Increased convenience

Telehealth services allow pharmacists to provide care to patients without them having to physically come into the pharmacy. This increased convenience makes it easier for pharmacists to serve more patients, increasing their overall revenue.

Improved patient care

Telehealth services provide pharmacists with the ability to monitor patients’ medications more closely, allowing them to adjust medications if needed. This helps to ensure that patients are taking their medications correctly, which can help to improve their overall health.

Reduced costs

Telehealth services can help to reduce costs for both pharmacists and patients. Pharmacists can save on travel expenses by not having to make trips to see patients, while patients can save on copays and medication costs by utilizing telehealth services.

Improved access to care

Telehealth services can help to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas when it comes to accessing health care services. By providing access to care to people who may not have access to it otherwise, telehealth services can help to assess conditions and support disease management.

Improve profitability

When you enroll in IPC Digital Health, whether you’re an IPC GPO member, IPC warehouse customer, or are simply exploring an opportunity to join the cooperative, you can offer IPC Digital Health and enroll patients into iCare+.