We provide a modern healthcare model

With IPC Digital Health, patients get access to physicians who specialize in everyday care non-emergency services that non-insured or underserved communities need. Our mission is to provide patients with a modern healthcare model based on availability, affordability, and convenience.

An important component of this model is our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tool. RPM is staffed by healthcare administrators that deliver an end-to-end white glove service directly through the portal.


Our telehealth service virtually connects patients with U.S. Board-Certified Medical Providers specializing in non-emergency care, providing the convenience and affordability that non-insured or underserved communities need. Additionally, telehealth gives patients access to other key components of IPC Digital Health – telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, home health kits, and a prescription savings program. All of these benefits are available through our iCare+ mobile app or website.


Our iCare+ telehealth tool gets patients connected, our telemedicine service gets patients treated. IPC Digital Health’s medical providers specialize in General Medicine, Dermatology, Opthamology and much more.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring helps patients, pharmacists and physicians keep a close eye on patient health outcomes. Our monitoring platform is staffed with virtual health specialists that help manage every aspect of your case. No matter where you are, they’ll keep a close eye on the results to ensure the patient’s condition is improving and their medication is working as it should.

Power to the Patients: Home Health Kits

At-home testing solutions empower patients to monitor and meet their changing healthcare needs, like tracking their heart health and testosterone or screening for celiac disease, prediabetes and diabetes. These quick, easy tests help reduce trips to the doctor’s office and can play a significant role in personalizing patient care and creating proactive treatment plans with their pharmacist. Early identification of illnesses and other health issues means earlier access to treatment and in some cases, life-saving treatment.

Save on Prescriptions! 

It’s no secret that the price of prescriptions places certain medications out of reach for patients. With the iCare+ ScriptPass, patients can save on their prescriptions. When patients can afford their prescriptions, they’re more likely to be adherent, helping pharmacies meet their performance measures.