Practice Telehealth with Digital Health iCare+

iCare+ Telehealth services offer many benefits to pharmacists, in terms of validating their scope of practice by providing better patient care and increasing profits.

Technology is Evolving…
So is the Way People Seek Care

patient with pulse monitor on finger video conference with doctor
pharmacist with tablet in pharmacy

Becoming an iCare+ Virtual Care provider gives you the power to securely see, consult, and treat patients directly from your pharmacy or online using our HIPAA-compliant application and web portal.

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The Benefits of Working with Us

Boosted Earnings

Get paid per visit, lessening your administrative hassle. Why deal with insurance when you don’t have to?

Enhanced convenience

With telehealth services, pharmacists can deliver care to patients remotely, eliminating the need for them to visit the pharmacy in person. Empowering pharmacists to reach more patients, ultimately increasing their revenue streams.

Expand Access to Care

Bridge the gap between rural and urban communities. By extending care to those with limited access, telehealth services facilitate the assessment of conditions and support disease management.

Improved patient care

Telehealth services empower pharmacists to closely monitor patients’ medication usage, enabling timely adjustments or interventions when necessary. This ensures that patients adhere to their medication regimens correctly, thereby contributing to improving their overall health outcomes.